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Piatto Collection at Paint Spot Mablethorpe

Piatto Collection


KC105 Piatto Gris

A mixed range of grey tones gives these porcelain tiles an authentic brick style feel. They are packed with character and would look superb on interior walls in all types of areas in the home. A flattering slim, long brick shape produces a look that has both elements of rustic naturalism and contemporary design.


KC104 Piatto Red

Naturally inspired these brick red tiles will bring a depth of character to all types of interior wall spaces. They have a range of reddish tones and a slim brick shape design. Though rustic in style these porcelain tiles have a modern flavour and are a popular choice for both traditional and contemporary homes.


KC106 Piatto Sand

These brick tiles evoke a naturalistic feel that is perfect if you want to create a décor with a lived in look. They have a good selection of light to dark sandy neutral tones and a longer slim brick shape. These porcelain tiles have both elements of traditional and modern design this means that they would suit a wide variety of different tastes.

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